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WIB Expertise Learning Series


One of Women in Backgammon's first initiatives was to launch our Expertise Learning Series, where on the second Tuesday of each month we host a virtual match between two backgammon pros and anyone is welcome to watch. Each match is followed by a 1/2 hour analysis and the opportunity for the audience to ask questions of the experts. 

Below you will find the recordings of our matches. Visit our events page to register for upcoming matches. 

Doubles Match: 

Cecilia Sparke Rogers & Julia Hayward vs. Karen Davis & Irina Litzenberger

Doubles Match: 

Zdeněk Žižka (ZZ) and Karen Davis

facing Roberto and Irina Litzenberger

Match With
Chris Bray & 
Safiya Tracy

Match With
Karen Davis &
Kent Goulding

Match With
Lee Genud & 
Bill Robertie 

Match With
Marty Storer & Antoinette-Marie Williams

Match With
Jonah Seewald & 
Kara Schultz

Match With
David Presser & 
Maya Peycheva

Match With Roberto & Irina Litzenberger

Match Between
Michy Kageyama & Daphne Downs

Match Between Art Benjamin & Carol Joy Cole

Match Between David Presser & Eva Žižková

Match Between Art Benjamin & Karen Davis

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