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WIB 2023 Online Mixed Doubles Tournament

Last year, Women in Backgammon launched our first mixed doubles tournament, pairing invited top male players to play with some of the world’s strongest female players. The event was won last year by Zdeněk Žižka and Eva Žižková from the Czech Republic. We delivered their prize-winning Women in Backgammon board to them in Monaco where ZZ became a finalist of the 2022 Backgammon World Championship!

It was a triumph! Exciting. Fascinating. A teaching moment. 

You can watch last year's finals match below.

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Because of the strong response, and our commitment to encourage women to expand their competitive play, this year, we are adding a new Intermediate division! Intermediate players typically play at the Intermediate level in live or online tournaments, have a Performance Rating of 10 or higher (such as on the Backgammon Galaxy online server), or have limited competitive tournament experience. 

We're inviting all intermediate players, and encourage groups from local backgammon clubs to get together and form teams. The first 10 teams from a backgammon club to register will have their $50 entry free waived. 

The authors of The Backgammon Gourmet have generously donated two copies of this fun and instructive book to the winning intermediate team!

So, find a partner, male or female and join us. We will be offering all kinds of input and taping some of the matches from both the Championship and Intermediate ladders for everyone to watch and expand their tournament acumen. 

If you are part of backgammon club, please register by sending an email to

For anyone else, please send an e-mail to 

Deadline for registration is March 10 - please include your partner's names, email addresses, a phone number, and your BackgammonStudio nicknames.

Fees should be sent to Karen Davis no later than March 10 7 pm Eastern by Venmo (Karen-Davis-419), PayPal payment marked as payment to friends/family (, or Zelle (, 917-488-5364).

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The Women in Backgammon Online Mixed Doubles event will start with a random draw pairing of teams and first round play on Tuesday, March 14 at 7 pm.

The events will be played on The Championship division format is 9 point matches, single elimination, $100 entry per team, 80% return; optional side pool $100 100% return. The event is capped at 32 teams; if space is available, first round losing teams may buy-back.


The Intermediate format is 7 point matches, single elimination, $50 entry per team, 80% return; optional side pool $25 100% return. The Intermediate division is capped at 16 teams; if space is available, losing teams may buy-back.

We will pay the top four teams (40%, 25%, 17.5%, 17.5%) in both the prize pool and the side pool). Women in Backgammon provides a Women in Backgammon backgammon board to the winning Championship team and the winning Intermediate team. A top expert will analyze the final match in each division and debrief the winning and finalist teams. 


Each Championship round will be at 7PM EST, second Tuesday of the month: March 14, April 11, May 9, June 13, and if needed, July 11. To accommodate players in different time zones, teams may agree to play their match at a mutually agreed upon time in advance of these dates. The Intermediate round will start at 5PM EST second Tuesday of the month, three hours before the start of the Championship division.

The event is organized by Karen Davis and directed by Nano Cabrera and the Women in Backgammon team. 

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